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Date of birth: 13.06.2008

HD A-A, ED 0-0

PRA/Glaukoma clear

DNA CEA & TNS & CL Normal

Height: 53 cm, Weight: 19 kg



Raider was born on a farm in Minnesota (USA). Both his parents work daily on the farm. 

My great agility dog, nicknamed ‘The Great One’ as a puppy. Very powerfull, intense dog with tremendous work drive.

Raider has very well balanced structure – this dog is pure muscles!

He's naturally obedient and eager to please. That makes him very easy dog to life with. Very friendly, loves to cuddle with everybodyPlaying nice with children in different ages. 

Madly loves balls, swimming and … doing obedience recalls.

Tug to strong for me, so I don't play very often with him like that. No barking at all.

Use eye with playing with other dogs, have some stuck behaviour when you playing with ball or when he see a ball. No problems with that on agility and obedience.


Prefer toys than food. He is ok with vet's - don't go crazy, no panic, you can do everything with him. 

When he got excited he want to nips other dogs. 


Friendly-dominant with others dogs (never fight with any). No afraid of noises, but you can see that he don't like some of them (mainly shots). 


At search & rescue training he works steady and independently.

Video - Agility trening

Sport results:


Hlucin (CZ) – A3 - 3rd place

Polish Cup Finals - A3 - 1st & 2nd place

Polish WC Quali – Jumping Open - 1st place

Agility Competition Warszawa – A3 - 1st place

Opsion (CZ) – LA2 - 1st place

HS De Roedel, Belgian WC Quali (BE) – Jumping - 4/290 !

Polish WC Quali - Agility Open -1st place

Polish Cup – Overall – 3rd place

Ritka (CZ)- LA2 - 2nd place

Polish WC Quali - LA1 - 1st place

Ritka (CZ) – LA1 - 1st place

Polish Championship – LA1 -1st place

DCDC Chorzów’09 - 2nd place
Maribor (SLO) - 2nd place

DCDC Warszawa’09 - 3rd place

European Championship Skyhoundz ’10 – 2nd place

Raider's progeny

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